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Great concept, visuals and story!

Fun, almost kind of therapeutic horror game.

11:55. If you're cute, you click, if you're not cute, click anyways. 


The game was interesting! Very atmospheric! I'd recommend more endings, depending on how much you clean!

This is a very scary, atmospheric and wonderful piece of work.

It would have been better if we could have gone to another house.

I look forward to your other works.


Mold. Mold everywhere.

LOVED it. loved loved loved.

Exploring the lore... Multiple endings?

Awesome game! Pretty funny 😂 need more of this! Thank you! 

Pretty nice concept! Need more houses to mold remediate! Great job!

Let's clean up

The actual cleaning section triggered my OCD so hard, there was no way i was going to the basement without finishing it all. Music was super good and i loved how the basement reveal looked. Awesome job!

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch :)

Very strange idea, but was different and it works. Had a cool atmosphere to it and played really well.

Awesome game! Keep up the good work :D Music was so catchy haha 

this game is a cute, funny game, man. I want to see more!

Awesome! Good job!

awesome this is my dream job

Bizarre and creepy ^^ Loved it ^^

Alright! That was quite interesting! Good game, hope this is released as a full game!

really enjoyed this

very interesting game, and the sound are scary lol enjoyed playing this 

Fun and original concept with a groovy soundtrack and an unexpected mind-bender of an ending!

Nice concept! Creepy but also somewhat funny!

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First of the two games.
Fun, I loved the aesthetic and theme.  

Didn't think it was going to end so fast.

I was really enjoying cleaning the mold lol its like that power wash game.

Played at 12:48. Whar a great game! Different vibe to the other two games in the video, but i now get why peiple find pressure washer simualators satisfying. 

check out my video, sub if you enjoy 🙂

Great game!! Thank you for your willingness to develop this game.

I like mold on my weener. Feels like a hug from nature. THICC COMMUNIS

If you like mold on your pp too, write me pwease.

And mno! NO woman!!1! >:( I do not like frauen

I LOVE wener mold it taste good

Cool little game with well designed sound effects to accompany you while you clean up the job. Thank you for making this! 1st Game.

I like how things slowly get weirder as you get rid of the mold. It was really enjoyable and i feel like if you even wanted to expand the game you could have levels where each level things slowly get weirder and weirder or where each mold has its own story or something i think that could be quite cool looking foward to seing more.

Holy...  Wait, what?!?!?!  Super fun game, very off the wall!  I really enjoyed it!

I don’t think in my wildest dreams I would see the way the game would go. The game was really relaxing, and I’m glad that the Mould extermination did not become monotonous.

Can’t wait to see more of your crazy ideas.

Since I deleted the original video I made on this I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh it still holds up pretty good. Played this when this came out for the gamejam.

This was a cool little experience! I liked the creepy voice. I did get stuck on the rocks at the end near 8:36 . I replayed it though because I wanted to see the ending. The ending was pretty crazy :) Great job!

The Ending... my small brain cannot comprehend what the heck just happened!!! but good game though. though it scare me a bit when the house start to talk -_-.

Continue the good work!!!

Love from Malaysia.

Un juego verdaderamente divertido. Me gustaría saber un poco más del "Lore".
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